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The Conference

I am quite sure there are many moments through history, that nobody realised were shaping the future. When Martin Luther hammered his doctrinal challenges on that church door in the 14th century, the future of the church, and even more importantly the future of every person’s walk with God was reformed forever.

The glass ceiling was broken and generations walked through to their own personal walk with God. Often when I look through a stained glass window in a cathedral, I think of what lies on the other side of those wooden figures immortalised on the glass. What stories lie on the other side. On the other side of the staged and the stuffy and the status quo.

The other side belongs to those who dare. The other side belongs to those who live by faith. The other side belongs to those who have allowed the reformation of their inner hearts – to those whose encounter with the living God has gone beyond the superficial. What lies the other side of a breakthrough so powerful, is that we are transformed beyond recognition to a time and a place where our failures and our misconceptions of ourselves are swept up in a mighty reformational encounter with the Holy Spirit.

This will be our experience.

In She Is 2019, I am believing the Holy Spirit will visit us in such a new and powerful way, our entire outlooks will be radically transformed and a new freedom and liberation will engulf us. My prayer is that we who have seen dimly….. shall see Him face to face.

With love,

Jenny Gilpin

It’s a Movement

She Is is not just a conference; It is a movement.

It is an army of women who stand together at every life stage. Who beacon the light, the truth and the love of Christ in their own worlds, and who corporately care and celebrate justice through the mercy arm of Hope City Church, City Hearts. She Is, Is a movement of women who live beyond their own borders, She Is, is a movement of women who stand up against injustice, not with militance  but with love and action and prayer. If you have never been to a conference, or to an event especially tailored for you across 13 locations of Hope City Church, consider yourself warmly invited. We look forward to walking alongside you, celebrating you, and helping you to achieve God’s incredible purpose for your life.

Can’t wait to meet you or see you again soon,
Jenny Gilpin

‘Prophesy’ is a devotional book filled with the insights and wisdom of Jenny Gilpin. It’s a book forged out of the quarry of ‘impossibility.’ You won’t find such treasures washed up on the shores of an easy life, but from a heart committed to breaking free from pain, breaking free from smallness, and a heart committed to breaking into the full potential of heaven.

Jenny Gilpin’s prophetic, laser-like precision will transform your life as each page is turned.