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Featuring written pieces from women from all stages of life, picking up the strands of the journeys they have walked with God and the things they have learned from them. Shared to encourage and enlighten: stories of family, ministry, friendship and challenges that everyone can relate to. Read on.

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The song that stopped me from quitting leadership.

I dragged my case out of the hotel, across the car park to the little white hire car with the red roof. The boot was too small to take my case so I heaved it onto the back seat. My mind was made up. I’m quitting. I can’t be a leader or a Pastor, it’s…

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Anxiety almost took me under but I found something to hold on to

Growing up near the beach you become familiar with the rhythm of the sea. You learn how to ride the waves, how to swim through rips & how to follow the tide. But there are always times when it surprises you. The wave you didn’t see coming, the rip that’s too strong to fight and…

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I used to need to know everything but now I know better.

My husband often says I am ‘on a needs to know basis’. In most things I want to know the who, the what, the where, the why. I like the ins and outs. I like the facts. I like context. I like to understand. In life, I like to know the plan. I like to…

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Jesus the Carpenter – when what you’re doing feels disconnected from purpose.

Isn’t this the carpenter…? Mark 6:3 We don’t know much about Jesus’s childhood. After being born in a stable, he was visited by shepherds and wise men, and he was protected from Herod by Joseph. He had brothers and sisters, and he grew up in a family. That’s about all that’s mentioned in the Bible…

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When I overheard this in church I decided that something has to change.

I’ve got to start writing today with a very guilty confession.  I am very partial to a bit of eavesdropping. There is nothing better than people watching, and sneakily overhearing a conversation. I know that no one will ever come near me again after this admission, but I don’t think I am alone in this…

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Five things I learned from going from an achievement focussed professional to a full time Mum

When my daughter was born three years ago I went from having to do lists within my to do lists to being a mother with one purpose: to help my baby grow. She had feeding problems that meant she needed more care than many newborns, and I was catapulted into a completely different world. Here,…

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