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This coming February, She Is is celebrating twenty years of ministry to women across the globe, touching thousands of lives as well as giving birth to the amazing City Hearts.

This year we’re expecting an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come upon us. Our theme is Warpaint and Roses – new strength crashing against new beauty, a place where a new sense of purpose is breathed out from strong lungs of love and devotion.

This year, new strength and new power is giving rise to new victory and new breakthrough. It’s a place where new beauty replaces old striving as we’re led by the peace of God into our new season of advance.

We are called to be a beautiful and powerful expression of the heart of God. We are both Warpaint and Roses.

Looking forward so much to seeing you and seeing your life transformed over this weekend.

Love you,


Jenny Gilpin

Sheffield, UK

Jenny, along with her husband, Dave, is the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church and part of C3 Global. She has a precise prophetic anointing which she vocalises with unmatched finesse.

Jenny’s voice will add definition to your season, and propel you further towards God’s planned future.

In 2004, Jenny founded and started City Hearts to help support women with life controlling issues. City Hearts has since expanded, helping thousands of survivors of Modern Day Slavery.

Georgie Kelsey

New York City, USA

Georgie along with her husband Josh are the Lead Pastors of C3 NYC in New York. Together they have two sons, Brooks & Zeph.

Her ministry style is warm, humorous, transparent and courageous. She is passionate about women of all ages finding freedom in Christ, strength in His word and being released into the unique grace upon their life.

Georgie leads Daughters, the women’s ministry of C3 NYC, and hosts the annual Daughters Conference each October.

Vanessa Hoyes

Montreal, Canada

This will be Vanessa’s third time with us at She Is. Vanessa is a powerful communicator who has a passion for seeing people find wholeness.

She speaks with an authority that binds brokenness and brings breakthrough. Words are her weapon, authenticity is her armour.

Vanessa and her husband, Andrew are the Lead Pastors of Resurgent Church, in French speaking Montreal.

Prepare to be undone and renewed by the power of God’s Spirit.


5:30pm – Registration Opens

6:30pm – Doors Open

7pm – Opening Night with Ps Jenny Gilpin


9am – Doors Open

9:30am – Session One with Ps Georgie Kelsey

11:30am – Session Two with Ps Vanessa Hoyes

12:45pm – Lunch

2pm – Session Three with Legacy Panel + Ps Georgie Kelsey

3:30pm – Session Four with Ps Vanessa Hoyes

5:30pm – Close


*Please note all times are subject to change

We believe that there is greatness within every single young person, and that they have been created by God to live a life full of incredible significance and purpose.

Yet if we are being honest, sometimes living a life of significance can feel daunting. It requires us to step out in faith, to be bold, to be okay with not always fitting in, to speak up about the things that matter when it’s easier to stay silent, and to hold on to the truth of who we are in God.

She Is Daughters is our opportunity to encourage and equip teenage girls (ages 11-17) to remain confident in who they are, step out again in boldness and rediscover their unique purpose.

We will be hearing from some amazing speakers, having stacks of fun and – most importantly – there will be lots of chocolate!

In celebrating 20 years of She Is Conference, I want to create an ongoing legacy that would reach far beyond this time and space.

54 years ago, I was handed a legacy by being adopted into a Christian home by two amazing parents, John and Enid Stewart. Our whole Christian experience is also an adoption into the love of our heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit recently whispered into my spirit that I needed to be a voice for the ‘adopted heart’.

I feel strongly that this is our time to make a difference on behalf of adopted and fostered children everywhere.

To build our legacy, we want to get behind and support the work of Home for Good – a British charity that champions Christian adoption and fostering, bringing these beautiful children into faith-filled family homes.

My dream is that we eventually see hundreds of children adopted, fostered and championed by our church family.

Who knew what legacy lay on the other side of my adoptive parents’ choice 54 years ago? What could be the legacy of our choices today as we rise up as an army of women with the spirit of adoption?

‘Prophesy’ is a devotional book filled with the insights and wisdom of Jenny Gilpin. It’s a book forged out of the quarry of ‘impossibility.’ You won’t find such treasures washed up on the shores of an easy life, but from a heart committed to breaking free from pain, breaking free from smallness, and a heart committed to breaking into the full potential of heaven.

In the lead up to our She Is Conference, we are going to be reading the 84 promises held in this book over 84 days. One promise each day. Join us as we read. Starting 1st of December 2019.

Buy the hardcopy version or simply download the free digital version below.