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The Conference

I am quite sure there are many moments through history, that nobody realised were shaping the future. When Martin Luther hammered his doctrinal challenges on that church door in the 14th century, the future of the church, and even more importantly the future of every person’s walk with God was reformed forever.

The glass ceiling was broken and generations walked through to their own personal walk with God. Often when I look through a stained glass window in a cathedral, I think of what lies on the other side of those wooden figures immortalised on the glass. What stories lie on the other side. On the other side of the staged and the stuffy and the status quo.

The other side belongs to those who dare. The other side belongs to those who live by faith. The other side belongs to those who have allowed the reformation of their inner hearts – to those whose encounter with the living God has gone beyond the superficial. What lies the other side of a breakthrough so powerful, is that we are transformed beyond recognition to a time and a place where our failures and our misconceptions of ourselves are swept up in a mighty reformational encounter with the Holy Spirit.

This will be our experience.

In She Is 2019, I am believing the Holy Spirit will visit us in such a new and powerful way, our entire outlooks will be radically transformed and a new freedom and liberation will engulf us. My prayer is that we who have seen dimly….. shall see Him face to face.

With love,

Jenny Gilpin


Jenny Gilpin

Conference Host

Jenny, along with her husband, Dave, is the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church. She has a precise prophetic anointing which she vocalises with unmatched finesse.

Jenny’s voice will inspire you to advance into new territory with poise, journeying you towards discovering a deeper confidence and knowledge of your true value.

In 2004, Jenny started City Hearts to help support women with life controlling issues. City Hearts has since expanded, opening numerous houses for survivors of Modern Day Slavery. Since the birth of City Hearts they have pursued the freedom and restored the lives of over 4200 women, men and children across Europe and Africa.

Vicki Simpson

C3 Oxford Falls, Australia

Vicki has been in full-time ministry for 26 years. She is recognised internationally as a dynamic preacher and prophetic voice who brings breakthrough and releases faith.

She is known for her down-to-earth ministry style and is committed to a contemporary expression of God’s power. Vicki is also known for her effective training in preaching, hearing the voice of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Lorne Tebbutt

C3 Calgary, Canada

Lorne, alongside his wife Kelly, are the the Senior Ministers and Founders of C3 Calgary West in Canada.

He has a deep love for the house and the family of God and has a passion to see the Spirit released through the generations. He carries the father’s heart of God and we know through his ministry, we will see the broken hearted restored and refreshed.

Mia Fieldes

Belonging Co, USA

Mia Fieldes is a Grammy award nominated songwriter originally from Sydney, Australia.

Having written for and performed in the album recordings released by Hillsong for many years, Mia moved her craft to Nashville, USA where she has continued her passion to write songs that inspire people with hope and faith.

Some of the songs written by Mia include ‘Peace Be Still’, ‘Tremble’ and no. 1 radio hit ‘Chainbreaker’.

Mia is the recipient of numerous ASCAP and BMI awards.
She currently lives in Nashville, TN with her Husband Joren. They both serve at their church The Belonging Co. under fellow Australians, Henry and Alex Seeley.

She Is Daughters

We believe that inside every single teenager is the ability to change the world. There are, however, so many factors that come into play when we each think about the complexity of our future. How do we remain faithful and content with where we are and fearless about the future we see? We are born to make a difference and God believes in us. At She Is Daughters, we aim to encourage and equip teenager girls (ages 11-17) to remain confident in who they are, secure in their identity and unafraid of the days to come. We have some amazing speakers as well as some practical sessions on self-esteem and stacks of fun and fashion! We’d love to see you there!

Sorcha Rooney

Our Offering

The Gula Nissani Safe Home, in Northen Iraq, (a project of MedEast Organization) is a home for young Yezidi women who have survived ISIS enslavement and the harsh treatment this involved. Many of the women who arrive at the Safe Home are young teenagers who have become pregnant whilst in the captivity of ISIS and are therefore rejected by both Yezidi and Muslim cultures. The Gula Nissani Safe Home supports these mothers so that they can keep their babies and offer trauma counselling and healing to the women.

Gula Nissani is directed by Anette Axelsson. Originally from Sweden, Anette moved to Iraq two years ago to start this home. She didn’t have any connections or knew of anyone who lived in the area and with only a three months paid contract, Anette decided to quit her job and take a leap of faith in order to reach out to these women and children. It has not been an easy road to walk but Anette is certain the decision was right. Now, two years later, she still lives with these women, sharing everyday life with them and sees many of them getting healed through the program.

Pastor Jenny met Anette in July 2018 and was impacted by the call and sacrifice that is Anette is paying to care for these women and felt stirred to sow our conference offering into such an incredible woman and the work she is doing.

City Hearts and She Is want to partner with Anette to provide further trauma care, training and support to the programme. We invite you to join us.

‘Prophesy’ is a devotional book filled with the insights and wisdom of Jenny Gilpin. It’s a book forged out of the quarry of ‘impossibility.’ You won’t find such treasures washed up on the shores of an easy life, but from a heart committed to breaking free from pain, breaking free from smallness, and a heart committed to breaking into the full potential of heaven.

Jenny Gilpin’s prophetic, laser-like precision will transform your life as each page is turned.

The Downloads

In 2018 we were joined by Natalie Taylor and Tes Jahnig as well as Pastor Jen, you can now equip yourself with the sessions from conference or simply relive the incredible moments from every message for just £9.99 Enjoy!